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Social Work Survey

large__219604159socialworkersurveyDear Health Professional,

Independence Foundation, Inc. is a new non-profit organization who mission is to enhances stability and financial freedom through skill acquisition for children and adults in underserved communities to promote self-determination and independence. To further this mission, we will soon offer Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program services (PRP). A PRP is a mental health State licensed and regulated service offered to those who’s mental health diagnosis(es) requires rehabilitative supports in order to allow functional, independent and constructive living.

Independence Foundation, Inc. is committed to providing supports clients need in order to reach their rehabilitative goals. In efforts to do so, Independence Foundation, Inc. is attempting to gather feedback, guidance, recommendations from professionals such as social workers who are on the frontline directly in tune with client issues, needs and struggles that may be preventing the client from reaching their goals.

How Can You Help?
To capture this information, enclosed is a brief 10 question survey that inquires into your experiences and thoughts as a professional social worker, as well as focuses in on the challenges you and your clients experience as barriers to reaching desired goals.

How Will This Information Be Used?
The information will be used in 2 ways. First and primarily, the information you provide will be used to guide Independence Foundation, Inc. in developing critical services and supports to our clients needed for them to reach their rehabilitative goals. Your input will help increase our chances for success for our clients. Second, the information will reviewed, compiled and developed into a report that will be used for advocacy purposes.

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Your input is very important to us.  We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to assist us in improving our services.

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