Training Program

The training program focuses on providing opportunities to qualified clients to obtained vocational education, skills and certifications. The goal of this program is for clients to gain marketable skills in 18 months or less that will qualify them for reputable employment opportunities that will create a foundation for financial stabilization.  All In House trainings are offered at no expense to those individuals who are currently being serviced by the PRP.  Individuals not being serviced by the PRP can partake in the trainings at a cost.

Courses to be offered include:

In House:


Medication Technician Training Program (MTTP)- This is a 20 course that upon successful completion, will qualify the student to be eligible to apply to the Maryland Board of Nursing to become a Certified Medication Technician (CMT).  With will afford the participant the ability to administer medications in community-based settings under the direct supervisor of a Delegating Nurse (See COMAR 10.27.11).

Certified Nursing Assistant/Geriatric Assistant Program (CNA/GNA)-  This is a 6 week course that encompasses 100 hours of mixed classroom and clinical training.  Upon successful completion, the participant will be eligible to sit for the Maryland Board of Nursing Certified Nursing Assistant Exam to receive certification.



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Entrepreneurial Program- This program affords the client who participates in the PRP an opportunity to start their own business.  This program is for the serious entrepreneur only and all participants must apply and be accepted into the program.  Regular mentoring and advice will be provide to the accepted participant  to allow step-by-step instruction and guidance for realization of as a successful independent business owner.




Outside of Independence Foundation, Inc.:



Other programs such as those offered at trade schools (phlebotomy, EKG technician, Surgical Technician, electrician, HVAC, plumbing), while not offered by Independence Foundation, Inc., are eligible for full or partial scholarships granted to qualified individuals who are receiving services from the PRP.

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